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A pixel art game inspired by Shaun of the Dead created in 72hrs for the game maker community game jam ( #GMC_Jam). The theme was 'everyone is dead', you play as Shaun who thinks the whole things rubish and plans to go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsGameMaker, Pixel Art, Zombies


the_winchester.exe 2 MB


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Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it was fun to play and was a great little parody game! I made a let's play of your game with another one here~

That is awesome!!  I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for making the let's play.  It's always cool to see someone play something you created.  Thanks!

You're more than welcome! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Good luck with your future projects :D

I cant start it, it says that it is not runnable by my computer.

sorry to hear that. I haven't seen anyone else having issues like that, could you tell me what OS you're running?

Windows 10