A downloadable game for Windows

Created in 2 weeks for LOWREZJAM.  Take control of one of four tiny turtles and save the happy woodland creatures from the terror that has consumed them.

WASD - Move

Arrow Keys - Fire

Heavily inspired by binding of issac.  Think of this as a mini binding of issac with worse graphics, more bugs, and less features! 

Special Thanks to the following for providing free music/sound effects

monster-laugh by newagesoup
Coins 1 by ProjectsU012
Game boss or character laughter by lalazzylee1
Die or Lose Life by AdamWeeden
Video Game 7 by djgriffin
Video Game SFX Positive Action by djlprojects
Confirm 0004 by D W
OldVideoGame by Vicces1212
Lose_Funny_Retro_Video Game by cabled_mess
Cartoon Game Theme Loop by Mrthenoronha
Low Impact by AudioPapkin
free music itunes app game by djgriffin
enemy emerge cabeeno rossley
clinthammermusic-gamerstep-bass-triplets by clinthammer
horror-what are you doing here-cathedral.wav by klankbeeld
door_open by tabook
Space Game Theme Loop.wav by Mrthenoronha


TinyTurtlesAndTheTerrorAtTalusTree.zip 16 MB


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Amazing game love the purple character just confused on what coins do?